We all have those days, don’t we, where we open our wardrobe doors (and depending on our disposition) cry/moan/shriek/intone that we “have nothing to wear”.

Here is how a Wardrobe Therapy session works. On your bed, we place the clothes into categories such as ‘wear all the time’ and ‘never wear’. It is completely up to you in the end what goes or stays but Margaret is there to help you make these decisions. Some of the ‘never wear’ garments may simply need an alteration so that they are wearable again. We often find combinations of garments which work well together but you may not yet have discovered that these outfits are already in your wardrobe. We will also make a list of garments for you to look for when out shopping.

It is a great discovery of colour and style and I look forward to starting the journey with you…. And for those of you who have images of Trinny and Susannah in your head …rest assured …. Margaret is not that blunt, but you will value her honesty.

Call Margaret on 0418 874 991 to book a Wardrobe Therapy session…. because… we know that your wardrobe IS worth looking into!

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