May 14, 2014

Wardrobe Therapy Time … Autumn is here!

Autumm is here.

It’s time to start analysing wardrobe contents. If you are not up to doing this on your own it may be a good time for a visit from a Wardrobe Therapist.

I listen to you and together we place the clothes into categories – ‘I like it but…’ ‘ I wear it all the time’, ‘I’ll never wear it’. I can find combinations of clothing that you may not have discovered yet. I can organize to have alterations and renovations made to garments that just need a new hemline or shoulder line or something.

I make suggestions. It is completely up to you in the end what goes or stays but I will help you make these decisions. We will also make a list of garments for you to look for when out shopping.

It is great discovery about styles that you love and look and feel best in when wearing them.

A 3 hour wardrobe therapy session is $175.

In this time I aim to get right to the bottom of your wardrobe!

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