Learn More Skills

If you have been sewing for a while, then you know sometimes it can work and sometimes it doesn’t! Join Margaret’s sewing lessons to learn More Skills so it goes right more often than it goes awry!

Margaret uses her experience to walk you through both simple and complicated processes.  You will have step-by-step instructions and calico samples to take away with you, and you can put these skills into practice making clothes for yourself.

In this class Margaret can also work with you to produce a personalised pattern block that you can use to make your patterns.  Or you may have store-bought patterns that can be adjusted to fit you.

In the MORE SKILLS Program you will learn:


SKIRTS Sewing darts, panels, invisible and regular zips, facings, waistbands, yokes, gathers and pleats 
DRESSES More zips, more darts, bust panels, all-in-one facings, bias binding finishes and lining
PANTS Learn fly-zip openings, welt and bound pockets, side seam pockets and hip pockets
SHIRTS How to make and set sleeves, cuffs, plackets, button/buttonholes and collars
JACKETS Don’t be scared of lapels, welt and bound pockets, lining
KNITS Sewing knits including finishing and fitting


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