From the start, the Margaret Adam Sewing Classes has been about more than sewing – it has been about empowerment, a sense of style, a sense of fun.

It has been about YOU.

In the planning for this school we have had a quote on the wall: ‘you put on your favourite dress and suddenly you smile’.  We can’t remember where it came from but it captures the skills and experience we offer you.

Overview – New Skills Program

The New Skills program is for beginners. During these first 4-6 sessions Margaret will take you through an introduction to FABRIC: DESIGN: PATTERN: CUT&SEW: BODY & FIT.

And yes, it is more practice than theory – you do lots of sewing to learn the necessary skills and confidence needed for successful sewing.  It doesn’t matter if you have never used a sewing machine before joining the New Skills Program – Margaret starts where you need her to!

Overview – More Skills Program

You may then decide to continue and join the MORE SKILLS program – this takes the basics you have learnt in New Skills and you apply them to making your own clothes! Margaret supports you through every stage, and you leave with patterns and samples to make clothes that best suit your body and style.

If you already have some sewing skills you may like to start in the MORE SKILLS program.

Clothes and dressing shouldn’t be a chore.  We shouldn’t open our wardrobe and wail that we have nothing to wear.  Margaret Adam is about giving you the tools to find or create what you really WANT to wear.

Overview – MasterClass

If you are already sewing but need help making patterns or completing more challenging projects you may like to join the MasterClass program.

The MasterClass sewing program supports you in designing and creating fabulous clothes for yourself and others.

In the MasterClass program you can select any of the techniques from the More Skills Program.


Sewing classes in Toowoomba and Brisbane are available during the day and evening.

To find out which level and program best suits you, call Margaret on

0418 874 991.

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