If you are already sewing but need help making patterns or completing more challenging projects you may like to join the MasterClass program.

The MasterClass sewing program supports you in designing and creating fabulous clothes for yourself and others.  In the MasterClass program you can select any of the techniques from the More Skills Program and fall in love with sewing all over again!

In the MasterClass Program you choose your own projects:

  • Sharpen up your sewing skills
  • Sharpen up your pattern making skills
  • Learn more about your machinery
  • Making jackets
  • Mastering stretchwear
  • Creating homewares

Come along to MasterClass to be inspired by Margaret and other women.

  • Choose and buy a FABRIC
  • DESIGN and sketch a garment
  • Make or buy a PATTERN
  • CUT & SEW a garment
  • FIT your BODY

We hope to see many of you at these MasterClasses, as you learn new ways to express your creativity and sewing skills!  Sign up to our newsletter to receive information about these classes, or email Margaret.

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