May 5, 2014

Breaking it down … sewing made easier

Many students are now making their own clothes.

For some, it has only been 6 sewing sessions since they first sat at a sewing machine.

My point is not that sewing is easy but with the right progression of exercises and encouragement you will be ready to start ‘thinking out’ the sewing process.

I teach you to divide a sewing project into sessions.

Within each session there are steps. I

t is convenient to finish each step in a single time frame.

For example, cutting is a step in the first session. If you cut out on your kitchen table then you will work its availability into a session.

How much time it takes to finish a sewing project is less important when you enjoy the experience. Make your way through each step and session, understand and enjoy the experience.

tags: Easy , New Start , Sewing

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