Most, if not all women, experience not having enough of the right clothes – not having clothes that make them feel fabulous.

Whether you want to learn to sew and alter clothes, learn to make and change patterns that fit your individual body, or learn what works in your wardrobe and how to wear it, I want to help.

In my Toowoomba studio, we celebrate not only women and sewing but all those fabulous things that inspire us and challenge us about our clothes.

Welcome to Margaret Adam Sewing School and Wardrobe Therapy. 

Confidence is the most attractive thing to wear !



We all have those days, don't we, where we open our wardrobe doors (and depending on our disposition) cry/moan/shriek that we "have nothing to wear"?!

At Margaret Adam Sewing School, we know what that is like, and have the tools to help you.

During a 3 hour Wardrobe Therapy session, we literally aim to get to the bottom of your wardrobe!

Call Margaret on 0418 874 991 to book a Wardrobe Therapy session and discover what the magic that already exists in your wardrobe, and what to add to make it even more fabulous!


Margaret has worked for both established and establishing designers as a pattern maker, designer and production manager.

For many years she designed and made clothes for women with unique body shapes who found it difficult to source those very special pieces of clothing that you just love to wear.

Margaret has taught all levels of students. Combining her knowledge of ‘body and fit’ with her love of teaching, the Margaret Adam Sewing School was born.

Margaret is passionate about the difference that sewing and the right clothes can make in women's lives - make an appointment to meet her today and see how she can make a difference in your life and your wardrobe!

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